The data plotted on this page are from a meteorological station installed on the Front Light piling cluster on Cayuga Lake, approximately 0.5 miles north of Allan H. Treman State Marine Park in Ithaca, NY.


Since start of record Last 7 days Last 24 hours
WaterTemp 7DayWind_Speed_and_Direction 24HourWind_Speed_and_Direction
WindSpeed 7DayWindSpeed 24HourWindSpeed
AirAndWaterTemperature 7DayAirAndWaterTemperature 24HourAirAndWaterTemperature
AirTemperature 7DayAirTemperature 24HourAirTemperature
WaterTemperature 7DayWaterTemperature 24HourWaterTemperature
BarometricPressure 7DayBarometricPressure 24HourBarometricPressure
Windscatter 7DayWindscatter 24HourWindscatter
Windrose 7DayWindrose 24HourWindrose
RelativeHumidity 7DayRelativeHumidity 24HourRelativeHumidity
SolarRadiation 7DaySolarRadiation 24HourSolarRadiation